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Glass blue bird urn is a small keepsake in memory of your loved one. All mini urns are made of glass and made by hand.

Length: Approx. 14cm
Width: Approx. 3cm
Height: Approx. 6cm

Contents: Approx. 50 ml

Urns table of contents

Below you see the urn contents table, where on the left you see the weight in kilos before cremation, and on the right the amount of ash remaining after cremation.

Up to 1 Kg | 0.15 L

1kg – 5kg | 0.20L

5kg – 8kg | 0.50 L

8kg – 12kg | 1.00 L

12kg – 20kg | 1.50 L

20kg – 35kg | 2.00 L

35kg – 65kg | 2.80 L

An announcement! The table above is based on average values. If in doubt, please contact us before purchasing an urn.

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    Free shipping NL and BE above €40,-
    Order before 15:00, same day shipped
    Quality and hand-made glass objects

    Small Urn Bird Blue
    Honor your loved one with the charming Small Urn Bird Blue from Loranto, a beautiful masterpiece from the renowned Loranto brand. Handmade with care and dedication and made from mouth-blown glass, this mini urn offers a unique and personal tribute to your loved one.

    The Glass Mini Urn Bird is more than just a symbol of memory; it is a work of art imbued with emotion and meaning. The bird, a symbol of freedom and spirituality, adds an extra deep layer to this handcrafted urn. This small memorial also provides a discreet compartment to distribute your loved one’s ashes among relatives, an intimate way to share the loving legacy.

    With attention to craftsmanship and precision, mouth-blown glass is used to give each urn a unique character. Place the Mini Glass Bird Urn in a special place in your home as a moving memory altar.

    This mini urn not only provides comfort but also adds a stylish and meaningful element to your interior. Order this work of art by Loranto today and keep the precious moments with love and respect forever.

    Available in different colors, so you will always find the “Bird” urn that suits you.

    Supplied with crystal base, silicone stopper, funnel and filling instructions.

    Weight1 kg
    Dimensions30 × 30 × 20 cm

    Mondgeblazen glas


    10 x 14 x 6 cm