Glass tulips

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Glass tulips as crystal glass gift

City of Glass is the place to be for the finest glassware. Among other things, you can come to us for glass tulips as a crystal glass gift. We have the most beautiful pieces of glass art for you in our webshop. For every taste we have a suitable glass art work. Feel free to be inspired by our offer.

Crystal glass tulip

Are you a fan of a crystal glass tulip? Then City of Glass is the right place for you. We have a very versatile range of glassware made in a traditional way by a number of highly skilled glass artists. The fact that the making of glass art is a manual process is reflected in the pieces of art on our website. If you take a good look at the crystal glass tulips, you will see a different character and appearance in every item. After all, every glass artist has his or her own style. Because of this versatility there is a good chance that you will find a glass tulip of crystal glass with us, which is completely in line with your taste in this field.

What is crystal glass?

Crystal is also called crystal glass. It is a material that consists of glass with a specific percentage of lead oxide. Crystal glass is created because there is more lead in the gas mixture. The presence of that lead creates very nice clear glass that breaks the light very nicely. The higher the lead content, the more beautiful the glass. This makes for more brilliance. High quality crystal glass (popularly called lead glass) has a brilliance and a refraction of light that is not much inferior to diamond.

Glass flowers as a stylish gift

In addition to a wide range of glass tulips, we also have many choices in other flowers made of glass. After all, the rose should not be missing from our assortment. We also have glass irises available for you. These can be ordered separately but also in a nice set. Of course, all flowers have their own style and design. Just take a look at the different colors (or color combinations) for which you can choose. We have a suitable choice for every interior or style of living.

Why a tulip made of glass is a perfect gift item

There are a number of reasons why a tulip made of glass is a perfect gift item. First of all, by giving a flower you give a certain signal to a loved one. This is the case with real flowers, but it is no different with glass flowers. Another reason is that a tulip made of glass is a timeless gift. The receiver (perhaps you yourself) will enjoy these pieces of art for a long time. After all, glass art is not subject to fashion and will never be “out of style”.

More information or personal advice about our glass art gifts

Can we help you with more information or personal advice about our glass art gifts? Please feel free to contact us without obligation. Our friendly staff will be happy to help you make your choice. Feel free to do so if you are looking for something special (e.g. a special version of glass tulips as a crystal glass gift) that you cannot find on our website. We will of course be happy to help you find the item you are looking for.