Glass Art

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Glass Art

Glass art is a beautiful timeless art form that many people love. Do you also belong to this large group of people? Then it is certainly worthwhile to take a look at the versatile range of City of Glass. We have a beautiful collection in glass and crystal art. All glass art and crystal objects you will find in our webshop are handmade by our glass artists. After all, glass art is artisanal work.

Glass art

Glass art is a very versatile visual art form. In addition to stained and stained glass, the results of glass sculpture, glassblowing and studio glass art are appreciated by many people. If you are also a lover of these latter forms of glass art, it is certainly advisable to take a closer look at the City of Glass collection. Here you will find the most beautiful pieces of glass art by our glass artists. In addition to the most beautiful glass art, you can come to us for the most beautiful crystal objects.

Timeless glass art to match any interior

The beauty of glass art is that it is a timeless art form. After all, glass is not subject to fashion. The material is a nice addition to a modern interior but also fits very well in a classic environment. Glass can be designed in any way you like. By using colors or crystals an extra accent can be given to the glassware. This creates a contrast with which glass art becomes a beautiful eye-catching object. An eye-catcher that can subtly enhance or break through an atmosphere in a room. In addition, glass is timeless and not subject to fashion. You will enjoy the art of glass for a very long time.

The creation of glass works of art

In the manufacture of glass, the quality of the primary raw materials plays an important role. The ratio of raw materials such as sand, lime, soda and potash is of great importance in order to manufacture quality glass. Glass is originally a clear and colorless material. Using crystals, other special effects are added to the glass works of art. Once the right composition is found, it is heated in the furnace, creating a thick, red-hot and especially liquid mass. From this mass the drops can be cut. These drops can be blown, ground and finished into the most beautiful glass works of art.

Craftsmanship of our glass artists 

Due to the traditional craftsmanship of the glass artists, the glass works naturally acquire a unique character. The glass and crystal objects therefore differ in design, size and color scheme. The glass works of art you see in the City of Glass webshop are of course unique. We work together with renowned glass artists who all have their own traditional style. We therefore have many options in the field of glass art.

Order your glass art or crystal objects online

Feel free to take a look at our varied assortment of glass art or crystal objects on these pages. If you have selected a beautiful piece of art, you can easily and quickly order this item online in our webshop. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about our range or if you are interested in having glass art or a crystal object made especially for you. Of course that is also one of the possibilities in this craft.