Crystal & Glass Gifts

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Crystal & glass gifts

City of Glass has many choices in stylish crystal & glass gifts. If you are looking for a personal gift for a loved one, you have come to the right place. After all, a crystal & glass gift is an original and contemporary gift. This is of course because the glass art you will find on this series of pages, is the result of traditional craftsmanship. These glass gifts are completely handmade by our glass artists and are of high quality. We offer all possibilities to give your loved one (or of course yourself) an original gift of glassware.

The most beautiful gifts made of crystal and glass

On these pages you will find the most beautiful gifts made of crystal and glass. The advantage of glassware is that it suits every taste and is timeless. Glassware is a material that fits as an ornament to both classic and modern decor. This is certainly also the case with crystal glass. This glass creates a contrast which makes the glassware an eye-catching piece of jewelry. An eye-catcher that continues to attract attention in the most subtle way. By combining crystal and glass, the most beautiful gifts are made. A lasting memory of a memorable moment or a loved one. The recipient will enjoy your gift for a very long time. After all, glass is a timeless material that is not subject to fashion.

A unique gift made of glass and crystal for a loved one.

Are you looking for a unique gift for your best friend, brother, sister, father, mother or acquaintance? Then City of Glass is the right place for you. We have a wide variety of beautiful gifts made of glass and crystal. If you buy one of our special glass gifts, then you can be sure that you can give your loved one a unique gift that is nowhere else available.

Craftsmanship of City of Glass items

All glass gift items that you can order in the City of Glass webshop are entirely handmade by renowned glass artists. We work together with a lot of glass artists who of course have their own traditional style. Our extensive range is therefore distinctive in terms of quality, design and color. This is reflected in the versatility of choices that we present to you on these pages. For every taste we have a nice interpretation. At City of Glass you will always buy a valuable gift of great significance.

Different types of gifts

In our assortment you will find different kinds of gifts, which you can buy for various occasions. For example, you can buy a beautiful gift to celebrate the birth of a child, we sell wedding gifts and you can come to us for other suitable gifts for special occasions. Of course you can also buy City of Glass a special glass item for a new home. Think of vases, bowls or other glass accessories. Are you looking for one or more business gifts? Then you have come to the right place.

Order your unique crystal & glass gift online

Feel free to take a look at our versatile range of glass figurines, animals, drops & bulbs, glass tulips, Murano glass and oil lamps and candlesticks. Once you have made your choice, you can easily and quickly order your unique crystal & glass gift online in our webshop. Please feel free to contact us for questions about our assortment or if you are interested in having a gift item made of crystal or glass made especially for you. Of course that is also one of the possibilities in this craft.