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Interior objects made of glass

City of Glass has a very versatile range of glass interior objects. This beautiful glassware ensures that the memory of loved ones or beautiful or memorable moments in life always receive the necessary attention. You can also discover on our website that glass interior objects can be the most beautiful pieces of art. Every glass interior object that you can order from City of Glass is handmade of high quality glass. You will enjoy this for a long time.

Glass interior object as a reminder of a memorable moment

Many people attach great value to glass interior objects. They are beautiful showpieces that often get a prominent place in a cupboard, on a desk or on the windowsill. As indicated, glass interior objects are the visualization of a memory. This can be a very memorable memory such as a set of glasses as a memento of a wedding or other memorable moment in someone’s life.

Beautiful glass gift items

Although we have created a special series of pages on our website for glass gift items (crystal & glass gift), we would like to bring this possibility to your attention on this page as well. The reason for this is simple: our glass interior objects are often ordered as gift items. It is an excellent choice if you are planning to give someone a valuable gift. You can think of a nice set of drinking glasses. A nice set of champagne or liqueur glasses can be a showpiece in a cupboard, especially if it is made of crystal glass. Glass gift items are nice gifts to get but just as valuable to give. In addition, it is a timeless gift because glass is obviously not subject to fashion.

Stylish glass urn to commemorate a loved one

However, you can also opt for glass interior objects in order to commemorate a deceased loved one in an appropriate way if, for example, you choose a glass urn. We have a lot of choices herein. For every taste we have a suitable interpretation. We also have crystal glass urns in our range.

Interior objects made of glass as a piece of art

Are you looking for a glass interior object as a piece of art? Then it is certainly worthwhile to take a look at our versatile range. Our range in this area consists of the most beautiful wall decorations or glass interior objects that you can put in the cupboard. Here too we have a suitable interpretation for every taste or interior style.

Traditional craftsmanship in glass interior objects

All our glass interior objects are made entirely by hand. For this we work together with a large number of renowned glass artists. Each glass artist has his or her own style, which is well reflected in the glass art on our website. Each interior object has its own look and character. You can see the traditional craftsmanship of the glass artist in the works.

Questions about our offer or personal advice?

Do you have questions about our offer or can we help you with personal advice? Please feel free to contact us without obligation. Our friendly staff will be happy to help you make your choice. Of course you can also contact us if you are looking for something special that you cannot find on our website. It happens regularly that we can still help you.