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Glass vases

City of Glass has an extensive collection of glassware. Of course, our vases and bowls are not lacking in our assortment. After all, a vase made of glass is a beautiful interior piece that should not be missing on your table, on the windowsill or in the cupboard. Be inspired by our versatile range. There is a very good chance that you will find a vase with us that fully meets your taste and wishes in this area.

Crafted glass vase

Our glass vases are made entirely by hand by a number of renowned glass artists. After all, glass art is authentic craftsmanship. It is a craft that can safely be seen as timeless. Glassware like a glass vase is not subject to fashion. You can enjoy this for years if the glass is of a good quality, but you can count on us for that. Our glass artists only use glass that is of very high quality.

Glass vases combine functionality and appearance

Glass vases are items that are excellent for combining functionality and appearance. For example, you can choose to use a glass vase as a form of glass art and put it in the cupboard without flowers, but you can also choose to use the vase and put flowers in it. You will then have a truly tasteful eye-catcher on the table. Not only the flowers in the vase are beautiful showpieces of Mother Nature but also the vase itself of course. After all, glass is a natural product that is made by heating and mixing raw materials such as sand, lime and soda at a high temperature (up to 1400º).

Why glass vases are excellent as a gift item

Glass vases are very nice items to give someone as a present. Many people see giving a bunch of flowers as a nice signal to someone because many flowers have a specific message. You can give this message extra power in a beautiful way by offering the flowers in a beautiful vase. With this you not only make a highly appreciated choice but also a safe one. After all, glass vases fit in every interior. No matter whether the recipient has a classic, modern, country or industrial interior, a glass vase is a timeless item that will always form a beautiful whole with the atmosphere that radiates from a living space.

Wide range of choices in glass vases

As you can see in our webshop, we have a lot of choices in glass vases. The glass vases we have included in our range have a wide variety of designs, sizes and looks. You will find a number of beautiful colorful vases on our website, but you can also contact us for the more neutral glass vase. You can go through the pages at your own pace to view our range. We are convinced that you will find one (or probably more) glass vases here that will appeal to you. Feel free to be inspired in this area.

Ordering glass vases? You can contact us for personal advice

Have you found a glass vase in our webshop that appeals to you? Then you can easily order it through our webshop. Of course you can always contact our staff for personal advice or for help ordering glass vases. Our staff will be happy to help you and can answer any questions you may have, even if they are technical questions or if you are looking for a specific glass vase that you cannot find in our webshop. We will be happy to help you further.