Dolphin Sculpture Blue | Jaroslav Svoboda | Luxury Glass Object


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Crystal sculpture Dolphin. This luxurious bright blue crystal object in the shape of a dolphin is supported by a ball.

Designed and made by Jaroslav Svoboda, a well-known glass artist from the Czech Republic. Signed by Svoboda.

Height: 27 cm
Length: 20cm
Width: 10 cm
Material: Bohemian crystal
Brand: Jaroslav Svoboda

All these products are handmade and/or mouth-blown, which means there are differences in size and design.

1 in stock

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Dolphin sculpture blue
Dolphin sculpture blue. Discover the magic of the ocean with the exclusive Svoboda x Loranto Crystal Dolphin, inspired by legendary glass artist Jaroslav Svoboda and created for CityOfGlass. Each piece is masterfully crafted by skilled artisans, with the high-quality crystal highlighting the timeless beauty of the sea.

The crystal dolphin, with its sparkle and clarity, uniquely brings the depths of the ocean to life. This work of art embodies the freedom and grace of sea creatures, creating a serene atmosphere in any space where it is placed.

A masterpiece that will not only delight marine animal lovers, but also makes an exceptionally decorative showpiece. Arrives in a special gift box, ready to be admired by loved ones.

Bring a touch of maritime splendor into your home with the Svoboda Crystal Dolphin. A symbol of beauty, freedom and tranquility, inspired by the sparkle of crystal clear oceans.

Yaroslav Svoboda
Jaroslav Svoboda is a well-known glass artist from the Czech Republic. He is known for his excellent craftsmanship and his creative approach to glassblowing and glass art. Svoboda has created several beautiful glass works of art that have received worldwide recognition.

His work often includes unique, hand-blown glass creations that incorporate both traditional techniques and modern artistic expression. His contribution to glass art has helped to strengthen and renew the Czech glass tradition, earning his name a prominent position in the world of glass art and craft.

When it comes to mentioning Jaroslav Svoboda in relation to glass dolphins or other glass artworks, his name as a creator or source of inspiration can certainly be an added value, especially considering his status and experience in the glass industry.

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